Climate Coaching

Clarity and the ability to go forward are at the heart of coaching, and climate coaching is no different. Climate coaching may help you figure out what's stopping you and offer you the flexibility and direction you need if you're feeling stuck in this area, whether it's because you don't know what to do or because you're dealing with climate anxiety.

With Coachello, we have created a climate-coaching program that helps companies in their pathway to carbon neutrality through:

  • Group workshops (climate fresque, global sustainability program)
  • 1:1 climate coaching adapted to every individuals needs

Coaching works because it allows everyone to gain consciousness and take action at their own level. Coachello is one solution to offer a fully personalised approach to help organisation through their sustainable transformations. Agile, data-driven and highest quality of coaching.

Our coaches are specialised in climate coaching - they are familiar with the dynamics dynamics in this field and possess the tools to help your stakeholders reach your company’s objectives.

Do you want to a personalised solution to actively and measurably bring down your organisation’s footprint? Do you want to empower your talents to take action? Do you want them to be more resourceful?

What you get out of it?


Measurable Impact


Personalised Approach


Climate Coaching

Break-down the barriers of in-action and make your talents active stakeholders within your organisation. Allow them to be more influencable and help reach your organisations objectives.

What our clients say

“Incredible progress”

First coaching experience for me and I must say: after only a few sessions I felt a real evolution. My coach has been exceptional and the Coachello team was always there to support me.

Jordan Chenevier-Truchet

CMO of Germinal

“Measurable impact”

Very responsive team, super convenient application, and very happy employees. At Gorgias we are data-driven and measure impact and Coachello is on top of the list form all the solutions we have seen so far.

Adeline Bodemer

Head of People Gorgias

“Instant outcomes”

Only after a few hours I felt I had grown so much in public speaking. My coach took the time to understand my needs and expectations. It was pleasure working with the whole Coachello team, which is very attentive.

Lisa Lachkar

Regional Director of Riskified

“Tangible results”

I grew both professionally and personally during the courses and even got to put it to the test whilst delivering some training to my colleagues today. I highly recommend Coachello platform.

Christie Jones

Manager at Tokyo Marine HCC