High quality personalised coaching solutions

From group workshops to individual coaching, we are here to give you an amazing experience.

How companies use Coachello?

Coaching as a benefit

On-demand 1:1 coaching sessions whenever your talents need it

Within a L&D program

1:1 coaching sessions for identified leaders integrated into your L&D strategy

Group workshops

Group coaching, co-development, mediation, soft-skills training

How it works

Integrated into  

  Slack or 

  MS Teams

1. Assessment

Assess your strengths and challenges

2. Choose your coach

Based on their personality, professional
experience and languages

3. Start 1:1 coaching

To reach your maximum potential!

Outcome based

Help your talents navigate through the constant changes in your company & their lives

Average progress

With respect to each coachees challenge, based on over 500 talents coached on Coachello



average user satisfaction


monetary gains

Time to roll out

to start your coaching program

Why companies needs Coachello?

A personalised approach
for 2022 challenges

Employee Wellbeing

Creating a Coaching Culture

Driving Leadership

Retention & Engagement

Increasing Performance

Transformational Change + The New Workspace

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Coaches

Global reach, local touch

Are amazing. They are all certified by the ICF and possess over 500 hours of coaching experience. They are well-travelled individuals which can lean on rich careers. We continuously monitor their performance so that we can guarantee you an excellent quality. They can help your talents on any topic ranging from burn-out prevention, public speaking to management and leadership. Oh, and yes, your talents always choose their coach based on their personality.

What our clients say

“Incredible experience”

As a coach I was sceptical at first but now I can clearly see the benefits of immersive coaching in the metaverse. Coachees open-up quicklier and are more stress-free when doing their exercises.

Thomas Bertelieux

Coachello Leadership Coach

“Coachello gets results”

Very responsive team, super convenient application, and very happy employees. At Gorgias we are data-driven and measure impact and Coachello is on top of the list form all the solutions we have seen so far.


Head of People Gorgias

“Coaching culture starts at the top”

We have used Coachello to train our leaders and create a coaching culture within our organisation. After a few months we could see the impact in terms of motivation, inspiration and performance at our leaders and teams, respectively.


HR Adidas

“Teamwork is dreamwork”

Sometimes you just need an extra push and Coachello has provided our team with group coaching that did wonders on team AND individual performance. Excellent guidance and coaches and trainers.


Manager Tokyo Marine Insurance


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