Maximizing Team Potential: How Managers Can Embody Coaching Skills
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Our Philosophy

To allow every organization around the globe to have coaching embedded in the workplace so that they can be sustainable on all aspects

We are driven by human connections but propelled by technical innovation and are highly data driven.


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Coachello’s Methodology

    Coaching is a developmental intervention implemented in organisations to improve individual attitudes and behaviours. Many scientific studies have now evidenced these positive effects on individuals. Coaching is associated with an increase in:
  • Self-efficacy: the belief and confidence in one’s capabilities to overcome their challenges with their own resources
  • Hope: a motivational state characterized by a sense of agency toward achieving goals
  • Optimism: positive attribution about the future, research suggests that coachees unlock this mindset while working with their coach through interventions that focus on being one’s best possible self
  • Resilience: the ability to bounce back quickly and effectively from adverse circumstances. Coaches facilitate both behaviours in that they act as a consistent and stable sounding board as well as help coachees cope through cognitive reappraisal.

The Coachello

Coachello combines human support, data and technology to scale the effectiveness and well-being of leaders at all levels with one-on-one coaching. We do so by giving access to our MS Teams / Slack App, Admin Dashboard and 400+ community of coaches.

Coachello equals data-driven personalised people support. Beyond learning.

How it works

An employee can use our MS Teams or Slack app access for async coaching and 1:1 live coaching with a certified professional coach. We have included tools inside the app to self-evaluate and evaluate with peers “360 Speed” to help employees find growth opportunities. Every program is fully personalised to their needs. We use a combination of AI and human support to optimise the matching between coach and coachee. We are then able to provide organisations with aggregated, anonymised data and insights on the coachees’ progress as a result of their coaching program.

We designed 2 programs:
Leadership coaching

Designed to work on leadership behaviours

On-demand coaching

Designed to work on any professional subject that is important to the coachee

Coachello’s Whole Professional assessment


Intake assessment

The assessment determines the coachee’s level of satisfaction with their own performance and well-being in every aspect of their work prior to being coached. It is the baseline enabling us to measure and analyze progress scientifically


A periodic check-in assessment

Provided every 4 months to track progress and behavioural change over time. The coachee assesses their own progress


360 Speed

To collect rapid feedback from colleagues on key behavioural growth opportunities that inform the coaching process

Coachello’s Whole Professional assessment


Leadership behaviours

The assessment determines the coachee’s level of satisfaction with their own performance and well-being as a leader prior to being coached. It is the baseline enabling us to measure and analyse progress scientifically.



Boosted by the 360 Speed in MS Teams or Slack, leaders will get instant feedback on their behaviours.


Impact assessment

Assesses the impact coaching has had on them, as well as on their peers at the end of their program


Periodic check-in to monitor change over time

Life’s not linear for anyone, we regularly take the temperature to see if additional support is needed.

Coachello coaching categories

Scientific analysis

There are unlimited coaching topics and bearing in mind that coaches coach humans and not subject matter, categorizing it is not an easy task. Our data scientists have used aggregated data from thousands of Coachello coaching sessions to structure the different topics. They found that they could classify the coaching goals into 32 coaching categories which could in turn be classified into 8 main categories. Any coaching goal expressed specifically by a coachee can be linked to one of the 32 sub-categories and in turn into the 8 coaching categories.
For the coachee, the tracking of the coaching categories of each of their session aims at tracking their progress as well as gaining perspective on their individual, specific goal by putting them in a larger work area.

On the client’s side, the coaching categories allow us to provide metrics regarding the topics discussed in sessions at their company. We are therefore able to evidence the most worked-on coaching categories.

This allows our clients the possibility to act upon the challenges of their (emerging) leaders in their organisation. If a certain category is overrepresented in your organisation it might be wise to take action. With Coachello we support our clients and share strategies on how to act upon pain points, challenges and blind spots.

Areas that Coachello supports in an on-demand

We support the whole professional in all their challenges, whatever they are :

Career Development

Career transition, career planning, meaning at work, imposter syndrome

Work environment

Hybrid work environment, influence and network, collective intelligence, adaptability to change

Job performance

Public speaking, productivity, time management, feedback & recognition


Natural leadership posture, management skills, authenticity, manager coach posture


Assertiveness, empathy, listening skills, navigate conflict

Quality of life

Interests, motivation, relationships at work, work-life balance


Needs to perform, values identification, strengths exploring, blind spots uncovering

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety management, well-being improvement, resilience, burnout prevention

Areas that Coachello supports in a leadership program:

With the help of our community of coaches around the world and based on scientific research, we have identified 8 leadership behaviours leaders can work on to improve their skills as a leader.

In a leadership program, coachees will work on the following leadership skills. Each of their session’s specific goals will be linked (by coach and coachee) to one of the 8 following leadership behaviours. Kindly note that these behaviours can be customized for each client.


is curious and open to new ideas


setting goals and commits to their realization


constructs long-term vision


allows their team and individuals to perform


being an expert as well as a leader


aligns their action and speech


has an inclusive work attitude


Ethical and social responsibility to act with all stakeholders in mind

Coachello coaching sessions

Coachello coaching sessions are fully confidential. We never share personal information with one’s employer or third parties. That said, when sufficient sessions are being held, allowing confidentiality compliance, organisations do receive detailed, aggregated, anonymised analytics on development, growth and behavioural changes throughout the coaching progress.

Although the number of sessions needed is fully personal and up to the discretion of our clients, the latest science on coaching recommends 6-8 sessions as the most efficient number of sessions for a coaching program. Studies show that coaching may become conversational when it is offered in an unlimited format.

A coaching session from beginning to end

Coachello’s methodology lets our coaches coach each coachee in a personalised way on any soft-skills topic. Coachello’s coaches follow the GROW methodology in sessions:


goal setting


exploration of the reality of coaching with powerful questions and exercises deemed relevant at the time, awareness emerges during this part of the interview. The coachee becomes aware of a new possibility, a new option that he/she had never thought of


exploration of the options that the coachee can put in place to reach his/her goal following his/her awareness and finally


will, commitment to a concrete plan of action of which the coach verifies the feasibility, the motivation of the coachee to do it and the concrete possibility to do it.

They use any tool and exercise that is relevant for a specific coachee, at a specific time, working on their false, limiting beliefs, authentic needs and values in their unique environment. Coachees will understand their environment, themselves and others better, and plan actions to reach their goals with the support of their coach.

Periodic check-in

During a periodic check-in, a coachee will re-assess their level of satisfaction with different areas of their professional life. They can analyse change - thanks to coaching - and may take action in areas that require attention. This will always remain the sole discretion of the coachee.

Coachello coaches

Coachello coaches are world-class professional coaches that have been rigorously vetted. We only accept 5% of all coach applicants through an AI-powered selection procedure. All our coaches are certified and have registered a minimum of 500 coaching hours with leading coaching organisations such as the International Coaching Federation or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Coachello coaches bank on a professional career of a minimum of 10 years and possess a high level of autonomy and empathy. Coachello is unique in that over 80% of its coaching community can coach in multiple languages. They are top-tier professionals that can help your (emerging) leaders to the next level.

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