At Coachello we have create Coachello Labs to brings coaching in the metaverse to your employees.

And it’s not just a hype, there are plenty of benefits related to coaching in the metaverse, such as:

  • Offer a safe and peaceful space at work in the metaverse
  • Full confidentiality through avatars
  • Immersive coaching experience

Beta tests has proven that this immersive coaching experience is extremely effective for exercises but establish confidentiality quicker between the coach & coachee.

Interested in bringing the metaverse inside your company? Talk to us today, to start tomorrow!

What you get out of it?

Immersive coaching experience


Safe space in the metaverse at work

Benefits of 1:1 coaching

What our clients say

“Incredible experience”

As a coach I was sceptical at first but now I can clearly see the benefits of immersive coaching in the metaverse. Coachees open-up quicklier and are more stress-free when doing their exercises.

Thomas Bertelieux

Coachello Leadership Coach

“Coachello gets results”

Very responsive team, super convenient application, and very happy employees. At Gorgias we are data-driven and measure impact and Coachello is on top of the list form all the solutions we have seen so far.


Head of People Gorgias

“Coaching culture starts at the top”

We have used Coachello to train our leaders and create a coaching culture within our organisation. After a few months we could see the impact in terms of motivation, inspiration and performance at our leaders and teams, respectively.


HR Adidas

“Teamwork is dreamwork”

Sometimes you just need an extra push and Coachello has provided our team with group coaching that did wonders on team AND individual performance. Excellent guidance and coaches and trainers.


Manager Tokyo Marine Insurance