Maximizing Team Potential: How Managers Can Embody Coaching Skills
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Global Excellence

Your team is global?
So is ours.

Global Excellence - is what we require from our coaches. We determine their excellence by a two-step interview process, reference checks, assessments, and by monitoring their performance we can guarantee the coaching quality to all stakeholders.

Our coaches

Certified and supervised

All our coaches are certified by the world’s leading coaching associations and trained following the ICF methodology. They adhere to the ICF and Coachello deontology of coaching.

They are experienced and all have their own domain of expertise to match with each of your employees’ specifics needs. They each bank on at least five years of previous professional experience that will be visible to your talents.

Diversified and International

We have a coach for every profile. Someone needing support on their leadership skills will not have the same coach as someone looking for psychological support.

Our coaches are based on 4 continents and speak over 25 languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Serbian, Romanian, Cantonese, Mandarin.

Trained in video coaching

All our coaches have been trained to master video coaching sessions. They respect coaching deontology and our ethical chart.

They provide you flexibility in the tools they used: Zoom, Teams, Whereby…


All our coaches are part of our community to enhance co-development, improve skills and strengthen the quality of individual coachings. We regularly organise events, webinars and co-create content. We believe in collaboration to grow together as one team. Also, we all have the same mission: make coaching accessible.


Meet Livia, our Head of Coaching

ICF PCC qualified coach, former top tier lawyer (Paris & NY Bar), trainer and theatre actress. Is there anything she cannot do? Not that we can think of.

Knowledgeable, approachable and always in a good mood to advice our clients on their (individual) coaching programs. Furthermore, she animes our pool of coaches and helps onboard our clients.

Want to book a meeting with me? Please send me an email at

Our Coaches

Meet some of our amazing coaches

Are amazing. They are all certified by the ICF and possess over 500 hours of coaching experience. They are well-travelled individuals who can lean on rich careers. We continuously monitor their performance so that we can guarantee you an excellent quality. They can help your talents on any topic ranging from burn-out prevention, public speaking to management and leadership. Oh yes, your talents can always choose their coach based on their personality.

Stas gromin

Amélie Papin

Antonin Denis

Olivier Friedman

Maria Arredondo

You’re a coach?

Join an amazing

Join a community where you can share with other experts and passionate coaches to grow together. Working with Coachello means working with leading and inspiring companies. It also means flexibility. Decide how many hours you want to work each week. Just focus on what you do the best supported by our technology. Also, can you find a better mission than bringing coaching to every company to create a better workplace and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow?