Maximizing Team Potential: How Managers Can Embody Coaching Skills
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Individual coaching

1:1 coaching is essential for continuous development, to create room for action, to support employee development, and ultimately lead to successful organizational change.

What benefits?

Customized & embedded coaching in their working environment

Assess their leadership behaviours

AI Matching and orientation calls for 100% successful matching

Data-driven for succesful transformations



Enedis to support the transformation of the company by investing in the performance of their middle managers


Qonto to develop their managers leadership by integrating Coachello in their global management program

Sales coaching

Columbia uses the power of professional coaching to boost their sales performance

Thriving workforce

Gorgias offering Coachello on-demand to its entire workforce worldwide


Hyland invest in their High-Potentials to increase retention and performance

Coachello helps you create custom
programs from scratch that provide
measurable results



    Onboarding Self-Assessment Results & objectives Coach matching



    Tripartite agreement with manager and coach 1:1 coaching Personalised exercises Personalised exercises



    Impact assessment (involving peers or manager)Start collective coaching (co-development or group coaching) Action plan for organisational change Approbation posture manager-coach for cascading effect in the organisation

Learn how individualized coaching
can transform your company

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Which type of companies are you working with?
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Why Coaching?
Coachello Coaches?
What do I need to do before launching a program?
Minimum company size to adopt coaching?
Why does Coachello take a global approach? 🌍
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