About Coachello

Coachello is a solution that puts your talents in contact with high quality coaches at moments they need them most during their employee experience.

Founded by Quentin, Leon, Livia and Dinal - in the midst of the pandemic - to democratise coaching and to remove the barriers that prevented this from happening (for companies: $$$$, time-consuming, non-scalable, lack of transparency on results).

Companies would often offer coaching to executives only and rely upon their own network of (befriended) coaches. The tripartite agreement they put in place before starting external coaching makes the process lengthy and expensive. In addition they don’t have tools to scale external coaching and measure the performance of their coaches.

Core team

Leon Wever


Dinal Kurukulasooriya


Livia Vilapana


Quentin Bouche



Coachello brings world-class personalised support to the Workplace

Coachello is selected by Slack for its Future of Work program and actively works with Microsoft to make the work place personalised.