Maximizing Team Potential: How Managers Can Embody Coaching Skills
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Empower Your Leadership Journey

Leadership Growth powered by cutting-edge AI to offer coaching at every level in your organization.

Artificial intelligence x Human wisdom

Coaching to any problem at work

Built on thousands of data points that powers the AI on helping you on personal and workplace challenges

A personalized experience that tailors advices to your leadership style, and your goals.

Available anytime, anywhere throughout your coaching journey. Including following up

The AI Coach by Coachello

At Coachello, we're committed to harnessing the synergy between innovative technology and human wisdom. We're excited to introduce Coachello AI 🌟, a leap forward in this mission.

Envision a journey where Coachello AI, your personal coach, evolves with you. Tailoring advice to your unique leadership style and goals, it offers a truly personalized experience. With Coachello AI, you're not just growing; you're evolving daily, on your terms, with 24/7 support.

Your journey with Coachello AI isn't just about feeling progress; it's about seeing it. Our intuitive tracking features let you visualize every step of your development. Experience the measurable growth.

How it Works


Identify Growth Opportunities and Set Achievable Goals

Coachello AI empowers you to identify unique growth opportunities and set realistic, yet ambitious goals. Using AI-driven insights, it helps craft goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T), providing a structured and effective framework for your success journey.


Coachello AI in action


Amazing coaches, ICF PCC+

External audits annually

Ensuring banking grade security with ISO 27001 & Microsoft 365 certification

Progress on coaching objectives

Based upon 3000+ coaching sessions. Other data points available from dashboard.

Personalised in flow of work

In MS Teams and Slack

Faster goal attainment with AI

Hybrid coaching model that enhances the depth, personalization, and impact of traditional coaching.

ROI reported

After crunching HR data with aggregated coaching data to get the true ROI on coaching program

Discover how Coachello AI coaching can guide you to success

Work Environment

Optimize Your Workspace Dynamics

Embrace a hybrid work environment seamlessly. Enhance influence and network within your organization. Harness collective intelligence for collaborative success. Master adaptability to change in fast-paced settings.


Elevate Your Leadership Journey

Cultivate a natural leadership posture. Sharpen management skills for impactful leadership. Embrace authenticity in your leadership style. Develop a manager-coach approach for team empowerment.

Quality of Life

Enhance Personal Fulfillment

Discover and pursue personal interests. Boost motivation for sustained engagement. Foster positive relationships at work. Achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

Stress and Anxiety

Build Resilience and Well-being

Manage stress and anxiety effectively. Improve overall well-being for peak performance. Cultivate resilience in the face of challenges. Implement strategies for burnout prevention.


Master the Art of Interaction

Develop assertiveness for clear communication. Enhance empathy to connect with others. Refine listening skills for better understanding. Navigate conflicts with confidence and tact.


Unlock Your Full Potential

Identify and align with needs to perform optimally. Clarify and live by your core values. Explore strengths for personal growth. Uncover and address blind spots for holistic development.

Career Development

Navigate Your Career Path with Confidence

Smoothly transition to new career opportunities. Strategize for effective career planning. Find meaning and fulfillment in your work. Overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

Job Performance

Excel in Your Professional Role

Master public speaking for impactful presentations.Boost productivity for greater achievements.Manage time effectively for a balanced approach.Seek and utilize feedback & recognition for continuous improvement.

What our clients say

Incredible experience

“Incredible progress”

First coaching experience for me and I must say: after only a few sessions I felt a real evolution. My coach has been exceptional and the Coachello team was always there to support me.


Jordan Chenevier-Truchet

CMO of Germinal

“Measurable impact”

Very responsive team, super convenient application, and very happy employees. At Gorgias we are data-driven and measure impact and Coachello is on top of the list form all the solutions we have seen so far.


Adeline Bodemer

Head of People Gorgias

“Instant outcomes”

Only after a few hours I felt I had grown so much in public speaking. My coach took the time to understand my needs and expectations. It was pleasure working with the whole Coachello team, which is very attentive.


Lisa Lachkar

Regional Director of Riskified

“Tangible results”

I grew both professionally and personally during the courses and even got to put it to the test whilst delivering some training to my colleagues today. I highly recommend Coachello platform.


Christie Jones

Manager at Tokyo Marine HCC

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