Gorgias provides a global multichannel help desk to e-commerce merchants. It allows merchants to manage all their support from one place. They have been scaling fast for the past years and have grown into a 300+ person organization helping over 10 000 + customers!

San Francisco, California


300+ (Full Remote)

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Back in 2021, Gorgias consulted Coachello for its challenges resulting from hyper growth; employees were experiencing increased levels of stress and potentially heading towards burnout. These challenges were evidenced in decreased productivity, conflict, and overall weariness. Gorgias needed to find a program that would help develop their employees well-being while also encouraging self-development and communication between headquarters and the various offices on a global scale.


  • Increase performance

  • Increase presenteeism

  • Increase resilience

  • Increase well-being

  • Increase personal-development

  • Improve mental strength

How Gorgias started creating a coaching culture at scale with Coachello on-demand


Fortunately enough Gorgias’ Head of People Adeline Bodemer already had experienced professional coaching and knew it would be a game changer for her employees. She wanted a flexible solution adapted to Gorgias culture, meet the diverse development needs of their many employees, facilitate engagement with coaches and enable a high adoption rate. It was also important that employees could use their professional development stipend.

We offered Gorgias a customized version of our coaching as a benefit solution, organisation wide. The aim was to make coaching available to all talents, with a pool of certified coaches that match the diversity of Gorgias Talents in terms of nationalities, languages, time-zone, hierarchy etc.


  • Coachello’s Slack App deployed to all employees
  • 24/7 access to certified coaches worldwide that match the diversity of Gorgias talents (over 25 nationalities) in terms of culture, languages, time-zone, hierarchy etc.
  • Sensibiliation through on-demand webinars to answer hot topics in the company (Burnout Prevention, Morning routine, Managing Energy and Understanding organizational Stress)
  • Coaching assessments, confidential chat-line in Slack and recommendation calls
  • Data insights


After a year, the coaching culture is strong at Gorgias and is part of the company culture. Implementing this coaching culture led to the following outcomes :

With a 50% adoption the first year and an average of 5 sessions per person that they can use whenever they need it the most, we helped Gorgias’ talents improve their time management challenges, organizational issues, professional development, and prevent some burnout risk.

On average, nearly 70% of Gorgias’ employees have noticed a reduction in stress and 40% felt an increase of positive feelings like optimism and hope. 80% of users also report improvement in productivity. Last but not least: coach satisfaction levels are above 95%.

What our clients say

“Incredible progress”

Adeline Bodemer

Head of People

Emna Charfi

Customer success

Astaeka Pramuditya

Customer Marketing

What our clients say

“Incredible progress”

First coaching experience for me and I must say: after only a few sessions I felt a real evolution. My coach has been exceptional and the Coachello team was always there to support me.

Jordan Chenevier-Truchet

CMO of Germinal

“Measurable impact”

Very responsive team, super convenient application, and very happy employees. At Gorgias we are data-driven and measure impact and Coachello is on top of the list form all the solutions we have seen so far.

Adeline Bodemer

Head of People Gorgias

“Instant outcomes”

Only after a few hours I felt I had grown so much in public speaking. My coach took the time to understand my needs and expectations. It was pleasure working with the whole Coachello team, which is very attentive.

Lisa Lachkar

Regional Director of Riskified

“Tangible results”

I grew both professionally and personally during the courses and even got to put it to the test whilst delivering some training to my colleagues today. I highly recommend Coachello platform.

Christie Jones

Manager at Tokyo Marine HCC