Published May 5, 2024

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How coaching shapes women entrepreneurship

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: An Uphill Battle

The Triumph of Determination

Empowering women entrepreneurs is an arduous challenge, a dizzying climb from determination to triumph. On this journey, often paved with obstacles, there are many women who, like modern-day warriors, have defied the norms and embraced uncertainty with unshakeable resolve.In every success story, it's determination that lights the way, turning every obstacle into a step towards the pinnacle of empowerment and success.

Unequal Financial Landscape

While women-owned startups outperformed male-founded ones in revenue generation, the financial system remains biased. Women receive only $1 out of every $23 in conventional small business loans. Additionally, a mere 2% of venture capital funds in 2021 went to women-led businesses, highlighting the gender disparity in funding.

The Impact of Business Coaching on Women-Led Ventures

Transformative Effects

Business coaching significantly influences small business success. Studies reveal that entrepreneurs receiving advisory support create 1.4 jobs within 1.7 years.

Addressing Gender Disparities

Women entrepreneurs, often lacking robust business networks, particularly benefit from coaching. In 2021, 61% of entrepreneurs seeking coaching from Accion Opportunity Fund were women. Limited prior business experience and younger business ownership often characterize women entrepreneurs, making coaching a vital resource.

Diverse Forms of Business Coaching

Tailored Guidance

Business coaching manifests in diverse forms, including classes, one-on-one coaching, mentorship, online learning, and peer interaction. The coaching spectrum covers various topics, such as ie public speaking, resilience, creativity..

Nurturing Innovation and Growth

Coaching guides new entrepreneurs in multifaceted areas, such as establishing an online presence and expanding customer bases. Amidst a digital surge led by women entrepreneurs, coaching facilitates website and social media management, fostering innovation on limited budgets.

Overcoming Challenges: The Role of Business Coaching

Elevating Communication Skills for Corporate Leadership

  • Jennifer Chen, Corporate Executive
  • Challenge: Jennifer, an executive in a multinational corporation, faced challenges in effective communication with her team and stakeholders. Her leadership potential was hindered by a lack of clarity and connection in her messaging.
  • Coaching Intervention: A tailored coaching program focused on enhancing communication and interpersonal skills. The coach provided guidance on articulation, active listening, and fostering a collaborative work environment.
  • Outcome: Jennifer significantly improved her communication skills, leading to better team engagement and enhanced collaboration. Her newfound ability to convey ideas with clarity positively impacted her leadership effectiveness.

Building Resilience in Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Maya Rodriguez, Founder of Blossom Boutique
  • Challenge: Maya, an entrepreneur in the retail industry, faced the stress and uncertainties of building her business. She needed to develop resilience to navigate challenges and setbacks effectively.
  • Coaching Intervention: A coaching program designed to build resilience and emotional intelligence. The coach worked with Maya on stress management techniques, decision-making under pressure, and maintaining a positive mindset during tough times.
  • Outcome: Maya became more resilient, navigating business challenges with a composed demeanor. Her ability to handle setbacks and adapt to changes contributed to the sustained growth and success of Blossom Boutique.

Enhancing Leadership Presence in a Male-Dominated Industry

  • Andrea Lewis, Tech Startup Founder
  • Challenge: Andrea, a founder in the tech industry, felt her leadership presence was not as impactful as she desired, especially in a male-dominated field. She wanted to assert herself without compromising her authentic leadership style.
  • Coaching Intervention: A coaching program focused on leadership presence, assertiveness, and influencing skills. The coach provided strategies for effective communication in male-dominated environments while staying true to Andrea's authentic leadership style.
  • Outcome: Andrea developed a strong leadership presence, gaining respect within the industry. Her ability to assert herself positively impacted negotiations, partnerships, and the overall success of her tech startup.

The ROI of coaching on an individual, organizational and societal level.


At the individual level, coaching transcends skill acquisition—it is a profound immersion into personal development, guiding individuals towards unlocking their full potential. By refining professional skills, cultivating self-confidence, and honing decision-making abilities, coaching establishes a trajectory for careers that are not only more successful but also aligned with personal aspirations and values.


On the organizational scale, coaching is not merely a one-off initiative but rather a transformative force. It establishes a culture of continuous learning within teams, propelling collective efficiency. Proactive problem-solving and improved internal communication become inherent characteristics. The outcomes manifest as heightened productivity, optimized employee retention, and an agile organizational structure, responsive to change and oriented towards innovation.


Beyond the confines of the corporation, coaching takes on a societal dimension by contributing to the formation of socially engaged and ethical individuals. By fostering collaborative and socially responsible professional communities, coaching becomes a driver of positive change in society. It serves as a catalyst for ethical practices, socially responsible decisions, thus contributing to the construction of a more balanced and ethical society. Ultimately, coaching stands as a powerful lever for holistic transformation at the individual, organizational, and societal levels