Published February 5, 2024

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Why is an embedded coaching platform better than an external coaching platform?

What is an embedded coaching platform?

An embedded coaching platform refers to a software tool or system that is seamlessly integrated into an organization's existing infrastructure or learning management system (LMS). It provides a coaching experience to individuals within the organization, usually employees, by offering personalized guidance and support. An embedded coaching platform leverages various technologies, such as AI-driven algorithms and data analytics, to deliver targeted coaching interventions. It enables individuals to receive real-time feedback, access learning resources, set goals, track progress, and engage in interactive coaching sessions, all within the familiar digital environment of their organization. This type of platform aims to enhance learning and development initiatives, promote skill-building, and foster continuous improvement within the organizational context.

What is an external coaching platform?

On the other hand, an external coaching platform refers to a separate and independent coaching service that operates outside of an organization's internal infrastructure. It typically involves a web-based or mobile application where individuals can connect with professional coaches or mentors from various fields or domains. Users can access a pool of qualified coaches, select a coach based on their specific needs or preferences, and engage in virtual coaching sessions or receive guidance through messaging or video conferencing. 

Embedded Coaching VS External Coaching 

Why is Coachello the best option?

Coachello is a 100% personalized embedded coaching service that works on MS Teams and Slack applications. The Coachello app on Microsoft Teams offers 1:1 professional coaching from ICF-certified world-class coaches at the fingertips of your emerging leaders, with access to asynchronous coaching, embedded functionalities like 360 speed, a vast range of resources, and personalized exercises. 

The Coachello application allows your leaders to assess themselves through a series of questions and obtain the results right away in order for them to understand which skills and areas they need to work on. Based on their test results our app will provide them with automated coach recommendations while also giving them the option to explore and choose coaches based on their preference. On top of that, with the Coachello App, you will be able to keep an eye on the usage, growth, coaching topics, and satisfaction by receiving a quantitative analysis of the development of your talents.

Furthermore, Coachello is a Microsoft 365-certified application. Microsoft 365 Certification involves a thorough audit of an app against a set of controls derived from leading industry standard frameworks. This means Coachello has implemented strong security and compliance practices that act in place to protect your data security and privacy. 

Coachello brings out the best of embedded and external coaching and delivers a great coaching platform that is designed for a better, smoother, and metamorphic coaching experience.