Maximizing Team Potential: How Managers Can Embody Coaching Skills
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Meilleurs Agents is an innovative real estate service for individuals selling property. Founded in 2008, started with only four employees, the founders. Today, the company has over three hundred employees, more than 10,000 partner agencies and has become the leader in online real estate pricing and estimation with an 81% national audience share.

Paris, France



Company Size

Real Estate


Paris-based, high-growth, a recent acquisition by a major international group and by itself already a market leader. We are not disclosing all details but it is safe to say that there were more than enough ingredients to put a meaningful leadership coaching program into place for their managerial population. That’s exactly what we did and what made us love Meilleurs Agents.


  • Increase managerial & leadership skills

  • Support all managers on a personalized manner

  • Drive behavioral change

  • Integrate coaching in broader L&D program

How Meilleurs Agents implemented Coachello Leadership Coaching Program to support and upskill their managers


Given the context, Meilleurs Agents realized it was going to be crucial to invest in their managers, to increase engagement, to support them to become better leaders, to address their challenges and to help them navigate in a period of change.

That’s why Aminata Pelletier and Clarisse Berriau, Meilleurs Agents's HR Managers, wanted to create a learning path that included coaching and make them autonomous of their personal development. Coaching was only available to C-Levels, and they wanted to scale it to more managers with a coaching solution.


Coachello Leadership has been made available to 40 managers at Meilleurs Agents in France.


  • Access to the Slack Application for all employees
  • Leadership Coaching Program (6 sessions each)
  • Three-party agreement with M+1 to set the framework during first session
  • Data insights on performance over set-objectives
  • Orientation call with the Head of Coaching


Since the launch of the Leadership Coaching Program, participants have shown amazing progress. After only three months the program got expanded to other managers inside the company. The top 5 coaching topics were : leadership, management, communication, relationships, and meaning at work.

The implementation of this program has led to the following outcomes:

  • 96% of managers are satisfied with Coachello and recommend coaching to other managers.
  • 95% of managers declared that Coachello has improved their Leadership skills.
  • 87% of managers reported that Coachello helped them be more engaged with the company
  • 77% of collaborators felt that Coachello had a positive impact on their communication and relationship with others.

What our clients say

“Incredible progress”

First coaching experience for me and I must say: after only a few sessions I felt a real evolution. My coach has been exceptional and the Coachello team was always there to support me.

Jordan Chenevier-Truchet

CMO of Germinal

“Measurable impact”

Very responsive team, super convenient application, and very happy employees. At Gorgias we are data-driven and measure impact and Coachello is on top of the list form all the solutions we have seen so far.

Adeline Bodemer

Head of People Gorgias

“Instant outcomes”

Only after a few hours I felt I had grown so much in public speaking. My coach took the time to understand my needs and expectations. It was pleasure working with the whole Coachello team, which is very attentive.

Lisa Lachkar

Regional Director of Riskified

“Tangible results”

I grew both professionally and personally during the courses and even got to put it to the test whilst delivering some training to my colleagues today. I highly recommend Coachello platform.

Christie Jones

Manager at Tokyo Marine HCC